“This was my second time having Todd Technologies install equipment in my home. Very professional and experienced. I recommend them to anyone who needs installation.”


Marky D. 12/16/16

-Google (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Great experience, Todd Technologies is a company that I would recommend to anyone who is moving and wants a deal with awesome quality. Not only does he get the job done in a timely matter, no messes are left and he is professional."


Rumeal R. 12/21/15

-Google (TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50")

“The technician was very professional, he arrived on time and had my installation done in a timely manner. I will be contacting them again for future projects.”


Jessica J. 12/16/16

-Google (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Outstanding! Great communication. Arrived at the scheduled time. Helpful regarding whether to install with cords in the wall vs. out. Quick installation. Gabriel was very pleasant, courteous, and knowledgeable. Great price. So glad I picked Todd Technologies to perform my installation. Thanks!"


Frederick V. 2/18/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50")

“The service is definitely great. Trying to meet every single of my requirement. Highly efficient, too. My TV mounting, console mounting and home theater installation are all done today within 3 hours and I am enjoy it!"


Yuchao Y. 9/17/15

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Gabe is exceptionally meticulous, courteous, professional, and most importantly, knows his stuff. !!!
This is my second time using his services. Each time the job was done in a timely manner. In fact, he came on a Saturday late afternoon and didn’t leave until he was done about 3.5 hrs later! I even had to run out for about 1.5 hours. You can tell when folks really care about doing the right thing.
Top notch!”


 Ronald S. 3/25/19


“When I bought this home 6 years ago I had Todd Technologies give me an estimate for a security system. His estimate was very fair compared to the other 3 I had gotten, plus it included an upgrade on the cameras. (The other cameras I had priced out did not include night vision). I was very impressed with his professionalism, as well as his patience. He made sure I knew how to operate my new system and had the nerve to give me a test to make sure I could operate it. Since then I have had only one issue and he corrected it promptly for me remotely. If you are thinking about installing a security system give Todd Technologies a call. Feel free to contact me for a personal reference!"


Toyi A. 10/14/15

-Facebook (Surveillance System)

“Great job across the board. The company did a great job installing my speaker and TV setup in a renovation. Very clean and professional work!!!”


Tiffany M. 4/23/16

-Google (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Gabriel was extremely professional and did an outstanding job. He was thorough, knowledgeable, and prompt. He made sure I was satisfied with the job and addressed all of my concerns. I plan on using his services again in the future and would recommend him highly."


Pierre A. 11/30/15

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50")

“Excellent work. Very personable. Exceeded all expectations."


Lester P. 2/3/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50")

“It was very professionally done.”


Rainer G. 4/13/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Very professional. Covered shoes and used towels when setting down tools (all without asking). Provided helpful guidance on the best way to mount the TV. Even cleaned TV to remove fingerprints. TV mount looks great. Would absolutely use again."


Cody R. 1/24/15

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50")

“Arrived on time, consulted with the customer on installation, and completed in a timely manner. Excellent experience."


Mark L. 11/25/15

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50")

“Received my Nest for Christmas, hired Todd Technologies for installation. The installation was quick and the installation technician was very professional. The technician was extremely helpful, he took time to help me set up my account and explained how the product worked and answered all of my questions. I was so pleased with the service, I would recommend Todd Technologies without hesitation.”


Carmen 1/23/19

-Nest (Thermostat)

“Great service! Professional! Looks great. Would HIGHLY recommend!!!!!!”


Rebecca W. 4/8/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Gabrielle called me the morning before the installation to answer some of my questions. Both installers were very professional and efficient. Great service.”


Keene B. 7/1/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Professional, quick, and great. Highly recommend!"


Sean S. 11/4/15

-Amazon (Desk Assembly - 2 - 4 Drawers)

“Did a great job and communicated throughout the process - from scheduled time, confirmation, to text updates on the day of service. Came prepared and did a nice job.”


Todd H. 4/12/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“The first time the television was crooked after installation. After calling the vendor, they returned the next evening to address the issue to my satisfaction. I would recommend them to others.”


 Charles E. J. 10/12/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Very professional and pleasant to deal with. I had to reschedule due to a delivery issue and received a quick response and worked with me to still get it done right away. I will use them for any future needs and would highly recommend."


Brian S. 12/15/15

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“We received an email confirming our appointment within one day of making the appointment. Todd arrived on time, he was very courteous, and overall he did a great job installing our 75" TV!"


Punita S. 10/25/15

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“I was very happy with the service. The man was very nice and professional. He did a great job, would use his services again."


Kathy A. 2/10/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50")

“Whenever I need some equipment installed, I always call Todd Technologies. I have had several projects done and I'm always highly sastisfied. Mr. Todd is very professional, timely, and reasonably priced. I will remain a loyal customer and highly recommend this company.”


 Kindall J. 3/25/19


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“They did an awesome job yesterday mounting my tv; very efficient, clean, and professional!”


 Danielle S. 12/1/16

-Google (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“The installer communicated well with me and completed his work in no time. He also removed the empty boxes the house. I would love to use them again. Thanks!"


Paulette W. 11/13/15

-Amazon (Bookcase Assembly)

“Seller was prompt, efficient, and professional. Would definitely recommend."


Aaron N. 9/18/15

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50")

“Very happy with TV, desk and hutch wall mounts! Todd Technologies did a great job and was very professional. Great communication, arrived on time and finished product looks fantastic, thanks!"


Kim H. 9/28/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50")

“Installer was punctual, very knowledgeable and finished in a timely manner."


Tina V. 12/1/15

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Excellent work - very professional and detailed. Helped run cables behind a wall as well as mounted a TV... throughout the appointment as issues cropped up (studs didn't line up with the mount holes, etc.), Gabriel offered options and suggestions. It was clear that it was important to him to do a quality job and it showed in the final result.”


Adam S. 6/30/16

-Google (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Outstanding Great Work!!!"


Edward M. 11/18/15

-Thumbtack (Surveillance System)

​​Call Us Now: (248) 325-8631

“Excellent service. Will definitely recommend."


Sang-Jung H. 7/17/16

-Amazon (Home Thermostat Replacement)

“Todd Technologies gave me A1 service at a remarkable price and now my setup looks amazing.”


Rashad T. 2/6/17

-Google (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Installer wore booties without us asking which I really appreciated since many service people do not and it feels awkward to have to ask. Also, the installer contacted us several hours before our appointment time to let us know that the wall mount we ordered may not work with our TV and to give us an estimate of his arrival time. He did end up having a wall mount that worked with our TV. He vacuumed up after himself and was courteous and professional. Highly recommend the cords concealed in the wall. It really looks great.”


Monica C. 3/19/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Excellent service. Technicians were on time, knowledgeable, efficient, friendly, neat and fast. Were able to explain the system, answer all my questions, and do a complete working setup of my new thermostat system. I will definitely use them again for electronics installation, and I highly recommend them."


Joan D. 6/28/16

-Amazon (Home Thermostat Replacement)

“Great service. Recommend.”


 Pengcheng L. 8/15/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Excellent service!"


Ken M. 11/12/15

-Amazon (Desk Assembly -Drawers, Hutch)

“Contact @toddtechnologies for all your technology needs. He got my son together and I will be using him again 👌🏿💯”


Chris L. 4/23/16

-Instagram (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“5 Star”


 Ranjan S. 12/6/16

-Google (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Professional service, quick install of Nest, forewarning of additional charges that would need to be made because of the way my existing thermostat was, showed me how to use the Nest and different features -- would recommend this service to another person."


Meagan M. 7/19/16

-Amazon (Home Thermostat Replacement)

“Man I had a great experience with Todd Technologies they were very professional and did a great job. I highly recommend them.”


 Marquis P. 12/6/16

-Google (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Todd is very professional, does excellent work. Patient takes time to explain things to you. I would highly recommend him for his work."


Marshall J. 10/10/15

-Yelp (Surveillance System)

“I couldn't have been happier with Todd technologies. I got a text and email quickly and Gabriel worked around the arrival of our wall mount. He was very professional and communicative. Texts and emails with appointment and confirmation and a call with estimated arrival time. The tv was up in no time and I highly recommend Todd technologies."


Marge M. 9/8/15

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50")

“Very good"


Hanxiao S. 9/14/15

-Amazon (Desk Assembly)

“I was skeptical about getting a service like this through Amazon, but Todd Technologies did an awesome job. They were very professional and efficient.”


 Brian G. 12/1/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Todd is amazing. Quick, reliable and explains the system to you. I would recommend him to everyone.”


Lizzie S. 1/30/19

-Nest (Cam)

“Todd was very professional. The work was completed quickly and for a reasonable price.”


 David C. 8/19/16

-Google (Custom Cabling)

“Very professional and quick services.... Would recommend!"


Daneen E. 11/4/15

-Amazon (Table Assembly - Coffee Table)

“Profesional and good quality work!”


 Eva "Reader" E. 9/15/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Great overall. No issues. Very professional.”


 Thomas P. 10/4/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Gabriel hung my new 70" flat screen on the wall and he measured perfectly! He was super nice and very professional and he clearly knew what he was doing. I have an Apple TV device and a Roku and he was familiar with how they worked. I highly recommend this company.”


 Laurie M. 8/11/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“VERY competent and professional service rendered. The app't had to be rescheduled, and Todd Technologies was very accommodating. Their back-and-forth communications regarding the appointment were excellent. The installation was completed in. Relatively short time, and everything works fine. I would highly recommend Todd Technologies!"


Jim B. 9/10/15

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“The installer did a heck of a job installing the mount exactly where I asked him to. He was prompt and gave good advice on maintenance of the mount. Overall, he knew what he was doing. I plan to use them again for another mount in the bedroom in the near future. Highly recommend.”


 Pratt K. 7/19/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Gabe was fantastic. He installed the TV without flaw. He was so good, I even purchased more services and installed a security system. Gabe was very diligent about staying in communication. Best yet, he kept his appointment and stayed in communication. At first I hired someone other vendor listed on Amazon to do the job, its a three letter company. They didn't show up, and I missed a paid day at work. So rude! Gabe is the opposite. Hire him with confidence. I give him a great recommendation!”


 Wilton H. 7/30/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Todd did an excellent job . He was very neat, clean and professional. He made sure the job was perfect as if it was his own. I would definitely use him again."


Todd B. 11/10/15

-Thumbtack (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“I needed my TV installed on the wall. I found Todd Technologies through Amazon and asked for a quote. I got a call back quickly and scheduled an appointment. The service was great!"

Anna G. 2/3/16

-Google (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“He did a great job. The installation was quick and he gave good advice.”


 Nick C. 7/23/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Courteous, professional installation. Displayed close attention to detail. I would recommend this installer and definitely use him in the future."


Jacqueline T. 8/30/15

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50")

“The representative from Todd Technologies was very good at connecting with me in a timely manner to confirm order, schedule appointment and confirm visit. He arrived on schedule and completed the work satisfactorily and in the time frame given. My husband and I were very pleased that we added this service. It was well worth the price. We highly recommend this service.”


Sabrina O. 12/8/15

-Amazon (Media Storage Assembly)

“Great service, on time, and would highly recomand it!"


Zinaaljanabi M. 11/13/15

-Amazon (Table Assembly)

“Gabriel was quick to respond to questions to make sure that all of my needs were met. He did quality work and I am thrilled with how everything turned out!"


John S. 12/16/15

-Google (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“This was a great experience! I had an appointment for four days later, and called to see if they could come earlier, and not only did they reply within a half hour, but they move the appointment up to the same day. The guy who came by kept in touch with me throughout his early-morning and when he was about 15 minutes away, he called me to tell me that he would be arriving at a certain time. In fact, he arrived within a few minutes of that time. He came in, diagnosed what I wanted, and told me exactly what he could and could not do. He was quick, clean, he wore booties on his feet, polite, and he was done in about One and a half hours. I will most definitely deal with these guys again."


Ronald S. 11/18/15

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50")

“I will definitely be hiring Todd Technologies in the future. They were extremely prompt in contacting me, and came out within the hour. And it was a Sunday!! The work was completed within a half hour and was exactly what I wished"


Susan R. 11/9/15

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Great job, very efficient, also gave updates about arrival time. Very professional, will recommend for service.”


 Mohit A. 7/31/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“I really appreciate Todd Technologies' disposition during the installation process; they helped me decide which was the best setting for me​."


Anuar S. 8/22/15

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50")

“Todd mounted my huge 4K TV today. He arrived early which was a plus for me. He was very professional and knowledgeable. My TV looks awesome mounted. He took his time to make sure the TV was at the perfect height for the size of our room. He also took into consideration the type of seating we had for viewing TV. All and all he did a perfect job.”


Stacy C. 4/21/16

-Thumbtack (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Good service, decent pricing. He fitted me in his schedule over a week earlier than I would've been scheduled. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.”


Russell N. 3/6/17

-Yelp (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Very professional. I appreciated that he wore coverings for his shoes upon entering my home. He did a nice job on the cabinet (it even had doors to attach, which can be tricky). Very satisfied with the service and results.”


Nikki M. 12/7/15

-Amazon (Media Storage Assembly)

“Knowledgeable, professional and helpful. Very satisfied with his service!"


Rod M. 1/7/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50")

“Mr. Todd contacted me to let me know he was on his way. He was very professional and he did an excellent job. I was very excited about getting this job done. He showed me a picture of the finished production as I am unable to walk to my basement. I have another tv that requires more work that I plan to have installed. A very satisfied customer.”


Bertha H. 3/28/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Todd Technologies was on time, very courteous, and did a great job of installing and mounting my flat screens. The service technician was very knowledgeable and offered recommendations which I accepted.”


 Steve K. 8/17/16

-Google (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Upfront and honest and good service”


Brandon L. 12/10/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Excellent Service. Called to verify time he would be here to install thermostat. And showed up early (seems to be a rare thing these days). Would & will recommend to friends/family."


Rodney S. 4/13/16

-Amazon (Home Thermostat Replacement)

“Gabriel was our installer, he answered all our questions, was timely and did a great job. I would use them again.”


 Blake L. 9/13/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Easy to order and prompt to my door delivery.”


Gary W. 6/10/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Very professional. Listened to what I wanted and did a great job installing the wall mount and concealing the wires as I had requested."


Renaldo P. 11/20/15

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Great job! Great customer service!"


Noah C. 1/13/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Very professional, excellent work! I'm very glad to have hired this company."


Tiffany M. 1/26/16

-Amazon (Hire a Home Theater Specialist)

“Very prompt in responding. Professional, fast, thorough and clean service. Will definitely recommend.”


Muhammad K. 7/16/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Gabriel was more than excellent, He was outstanding!!! Very professional and up to speed on all the items he was working on for me. He was able to mount a very complicated wall mount that took some time to assemble. He also helped configure my new Samsung t.v., and set up my soundbar. Gabe is very neat and cleaned up after he was done working. I would for sure hire him again in the future, and recommend him to anyone who requires excellent help!!!!!”


Ed M. 4/27/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“This is the second time I have used this service it was excellent as before the first time was the mounting of a television on the wall the second one was to put in a new digital thermostat punctual terrific top notch service, highly recommended, very professional and right on time."


William S. 11/28/15

-Gmail (Wifi Thermostat)

“They did a great job.”


Steven B. 4/28/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Technician arrived on time and completed the installation quickly and efficiently. Excellent customer service. Highly recommend. Thank you!"


Ronda G-W. 4/5/16

-Amazon (Home Thermostat Replacement)

“5 Stars!"


Brittani S. 12/6/15

-Facebook (TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50")

“Thx again @toddtechnologies for a job well done. You did a wonderful job, also you were very professional. Also 👍👍 to those shoe coverings I was very satisfied with the service. I will recommend this service to anyone @toddtechnologies"


Tashai B. 1/21/16

-Instagram (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Mount looks excellent, great communication and patient with helping me determine where mount should be placed on the wall. Looking forward to using it often! Thank you!"


Jessica M. 5/24/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50")

“Service was very professional and timely. Cannot ask for more. It was an excellent experience. Highly recommended!"


Hossam M. 9/27/15

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“5 Star service!! I recently had a ring doorbell installed for my mother.
Mr Todd is was very Professional, on time and made sure we understood how to use our new equipment. I highly recommend Todd Technologies for any technological Services you may need. if you are in need of a great company that you can trust look no further you have found Todd Technologies.”


 Dontez B. 3/19/19


“Top Quality Service & in depth knowledge of the subject matter. I do highly recommend Todd Technologies to all customers."


Dan S. 10/10/15

-Yelp (TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50")

“Fast and excellent service. Item was put together perfectly."


Jeremy W. 10/23/15

-Amazon (Desk Assembly)

“I've had the pleasure of using Todd Technologies for several different projects and have always been satisifed with his work. Todd is professional, proficient and reasonable with his pricing. I strongly recommend his services.”


 Sabrina O. 1/21/19


“Good work and very professional."


Krishnan "GoodBooks" K. 12/26/15

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50")

​​Todd Technologies


“Todd Technologies did a great job wall mounting my television, he gave the best ideas to cut cost, took on my last minute call. I highly recommend Todd Technologies."


Tiffany C. 11/16/15

-Thumbtack (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Very professional and does great work! Definitely go to use Todd technologies again!”


 Jimmy H. 8/27/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Exceptional work. Meticulous and courteous. Todd tech has done numerous jobs for my family and the best installation was perfect”


Anonymous (Ronald S.) 3/26/19

-Nest (Thermostat)

“Professional demeanor by installer, conscientious, thorough!"


Albert Y. 3/7/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50")

“Excellent service!”


Sarah S. 6/21/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Great service. Called me in advance and scheduled install time convenient for us as to not interfere with customers at McDonald's Restaurant. Nice that he gave me a courtesy call upon completion. I highly recommend this company."


Artie V. 5/11/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50")

“Shout out to Todd Technologies for getting our TV mounted today. Very professional and reliable customer care, I recommend checking out this company if you are interested in this type of service!"


Dave B. 8/26/15

-Facebook (TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50")

“We have no complaints. Technician offered to come the evening before the appointment which worked well for us. He was business like and professional.”


Laura B. 8/27/15

-Amazon (Media Storage Assembly)

“Excellent service! I'm completely happy with this company. Would hire again."


Quincy C. 12/3/15

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50")

“Gabriel thank you so much for the exemplary service. My wife and I are more than satisfied with your work, and would recommend your company to all of our friends."


Richard R. 11/26/15

-Google (TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50")

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Fantastic experience, Great Turnaround time! My appointment was scheduled for Thursday, however we needed it earlier so that my internet/TV provider could come in following that. Gabe was able to accommodate my request and came in Tuesday, first thing in the morning. While I was at work, he was able to explain everything he was going to do to my wife and to me on the phone. He did a very neat job hanging my TV in the best position possible, is quite knowledgeable and made his recommendations. I would definitely recommend and request his service again when I do my entertainment center in the basement. Thank you, again, Gabe!”


 Mohammed A. 8/31/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Fast professional service. Mr. Todd was on time, very quick and very professional. I am having him do basement also very soon!"


Kyosuke N. 11/9/15

-Google (TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50")

“I paid for the tv to be mounted above my fireplace with the cables hidden in the wall. Unfortunately, the installer could not install the tv with the cables hidden in the wall because the wall sockets were placed too low and not above the fireplace were I wanted the tv mount to be installed. Either way he installed the tv mount and was super knowledgeable and even made a bunch of useful suggestions. He ended up mounting the tv above the fireplace, using some kind of cable concealment kit. It doesn't look as clean as I wanted it to look but it does look great. I don't blame the installer but Amazon should ask appropriate questions to determine whether or not they can actually provide the service you are paying for. I am giving my review five stars because the installer was on time, super professional, knowledgeable and quick. I wish I could rate Amazon one stars for not asking the appropriate questions."


Gilbert M. 10/27/15

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50")

“Very professional operation and the end results were fantastic. The price was more than fair and they work to make sure you are happy with their work. I would recommend to any and all."

Patrick M. 1/2/16

-Google (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Great job. Very professional.”


Prenta D. 6/14/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“I can't say enough about how satisfied I am with this vendor. The work he did was perfect. When he heard I was flying in to get this project done he went out of his way to make it to the job. Even with two weeks of scheduled jobs to do, he squeezed me in because of my time frame. The cameras were installed, cables run and he vacuumed up everything. I simply can't express how much he helped me out. Awesome work, awesome vendor.”


 John F. 8/3/16

-Amazon (Surveillance System)

“Installation was very quick and easy. Todd technologies took the hassle and worry away of trying to install mounts yourself. Gabe was very friendly recommended different options when installing the TV. Well done and Thanks again"


Parker R. 9/9/15

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Gabe- thanks for your nice work today.  We appreciate it."


Paul A. 9/11/16

-Gmail (Custom Cabling)

“Very satisfied! Excellent job, neat, very organized, and thorough. Answered questions, contacted the day before as expected. Called to confirm, arrived on time. Took care of business, pleasant, professional. Easily recommended to others.”


Ronald "RonAnnArbor" B. 4/3/17

-Amazon (Projector Mounting)

“Great experience! Had no idea Amazon had this service until now- we will definitely be using again! The guys did a wonderful job quickly and better than what we had asked for! Thank you so much! It was a complicated TV wall mount that required a lot of extra work to make happen- they definitely had to know what they were doing to have gotten all the construction right like they did! Really happy!"


Dominik B. 5/29/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50")

“Did a fantastic job. There were some obstacles that were dealt in a professional manner. He was knowledgeable and precise. We will definitely use their services again.”


 Priyank T. 12/7/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Excellent service. Mr. Todd Was knowledgeable, friendly, and fast. He responded to my request much sooner than I expected and suggested several ideas to provide me with a quality installation. Communication was great as well. Explained everything thoroughly. Highly recommended.”


Steve "Pmwiii" H.  1/6/17

-Google (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Gabe was very cooperative and professional in the real sense of word. I recommend him very highly.”


Mohammad "SM" R. 3/30/17

-Amazon (Smart Remote Setup)

“Awesome service. Came quickly and took care of it. Most cost effective compared to any other!”


 Chet D. 9/3/16

-Yelp (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Todd installed the TV wall mount for me he was nice and professional. He did a good job.”


Ted Y. 4/14/17

-Yelp (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)


“Todd Technologies "saved the day".This company stepped in and overcame another installers failure to meet the scheduled date and time.The company response was immediate, extremely professional and technically sound. Amazon needs more suppliers like this.”


Anthony "Gabe" Snoddy 6/12/17

-Amazon (Setup of Home Theater System)

“Gabriel was friendly and professional and it was a pleasure working with him. He was very knowledgeable about the product and I would definitely recommend him to a friend!"


Kelly C. 3/29/19

-Amazon (Thermostat)

"Was very experienced. Todd is a pro and an excellent customer service person."


Michael F. 11/30/15

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Todd was very professional. Suggested options to save me money. Did a good, informative job mounting my TV on the wall. Provided same day service when another company was a no show. Highly recommended."


Chris G. 9/22/15

-Yelp (TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50")

“Technician was on time, and did a quick and professional job mounting our TV and concealing cords in-wall. Communication was easy and timely as well. Highly recommended.”


 Benjamin W. 10/25/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Great experience overall!”


 Scott K. 9/1/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Prompt and professional; when it turned out that the arms on which our TV was mounted were a bit crooked and the TV sagged off to the side, came back at a convenient time to fix. Would definitely recommend.”


 Filipp V. G. 6/13/17

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Excellent and fast service. Todd discuss every step he was making before mounting the televisions on the walls and over the fireplace. Todd was very professional. I would definitely use Todd Technologies in the future and refer my family/friends to him.”


Lizzie S. 12/8/16

-Google (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“These guys are great! I had a 55" TV mounted on a big articulating wall mount and the crew handled it without a problem. I will definitely recommend them to friends and family.”


Alexander S. 6/30/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Todd provided excellent service and answered all my questions. Arrived early and everything went smoothly. Would highly recommend Todd Tech !”


 Jerahn S. 9/7/16

-Amazon (TV Wall Mounting - 51 inch+)

“Gabriel was a godsend.
I am not tech savvy and he walked me through every step of the Ring doorbell with patience and kindness. I would not hesitate for a moment to have him service my technology needs in the future. Like any quality professional he wants to make his clients happy. He invited me call him if I have any questions or concerns about the Ring doorbell.
I recommend him without hesitation.”


 Lynda H. 4/4/19

-Google (Ring Doorbell)